Embroidering a lifetime of opportunities

Sumaq Qara is committed to create jobs in marginal urban areas and communities of extreme poverty. Working with women who are victims of terrorism or domestic or sexual violence, Sumaq Qara helps improve the personal skills and the quality of life of the women and their families.

Sumaq Qara, in Quechua, means Beautiful Leather

Sumaq Qara delivers high quality handmade textiles to a global market. Sumaq Qara supports women who are the victims of domestic, sexual or terroristic violence by finding markets for their intricately embroidered handmade bags, belts and other decorative accessories.

Fair trade

In a market where the majority of products are mass-produced often under dangerous and environmental unfriendly circumstances, Sumaq Qara fills the gap in market for a growing demand for sustainable and fair trade products.

Artesenal products

The future could be one of thriving cottage industries and skilled artisans lovingly producing custom-made wares…