About our products

We’ve become used to a world where what we buy is determined by what products are stocked by a handful of chain stores, but there are signs that this is changing. The future could be one of thriving cottage industries and skilled artisans lovingly producing custom-made wares.

The products of Sumaq Qara are unique because Sumaq Qara is able to make a combination between traditional Andean handicrafts and moderns western designs.  In this way Sumaq Qara makes products that are appealing for women worldwide.

Sumaq Qara has successfully differentiated itself from its competitors through its focus on sustainable and fair trade working relations with the women and its dedication to only sell the highest quality handmade products.

The products of Sumaq Qara are natural. As raw material we use sheep wool, alpaca wool, cotton and leather.

Our high quality standards ensure that only the highest quality reaches the customers

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