las tres hermanas

Sumaq Qara, words in the Quechua language that mean Beautiful Leather

are the inspiration of the pillars Victor Raúl Torres Delgadillo and Lilia García de Torres who with much effort and overcoming the problems of the “Shining Path” Terrorist Organization in the decade from the 80′s, they taught their three daughters the art of craftsmanship and tannery.

In 2004, the sisters Roxana Torres García, Elile Torres García and Yuli Torres García formed the Sumaq Qara Company with the mission of dedicating their lives to provide support to women who had been victims of sexual and psychological abuse in the era of terrorism. As a result, the company receives financial support from a Peruvian – Belgian project (PILBFS) that helped reduce domestic violence in the Ayacucho region and where it is formally constituted starting with products made of leather such as wallets, belts, bags, among others.

In 2006 Sumaq Qara won an award for the traditional rescue and preservation of handicrafts that was granted by the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism of Peru, which was the source to have a very rapid growth and have started with 20 workers currently the company has an approximate 800 women from the departments of Ayacucho, Cuzco and Lima.